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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
How many "central" places are there for snowmobilers? Specifically, are there enough parking/meeting areas that signs could reach most people on the trail?

What other methods of communication are available? It would seem to me that effective communication could help solve/reduce this problem and club representatives could have something to show land owners when requesting opening/reopening trails.

I'm not a snowmobiler, but I've followed these threads the last few years, and it *appears* as if it's mostly lamenting a problem rather than attempting to solve it.

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There are thousands of miles of trails in NH. There is literally an unlimited amount of trail access points. People who trailer park pretty much everywhere, and people who live on/near trails can access them from their own land. So signs, while they can help, are not the only answer.
Clubs can communicate with their members through snail mail, email, and social media. But that only goes so far. It is darn near impossible for clubs to reach 100% of their members.

And regarding your last comment, read the last several posts in this thread discussing trail cams. That is an attempt to solve the problem.

Look, it really is the few that ruin it for all. The people that ride off-trail don't care about signs, they don't care about rules. They know full well that what they are doing is illegal, but are willing to take the chance because the odds are that they won't get caught.
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