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Originally Posted by nhcatrider View Post
I went with him one spring to clean up the trash that was left behind. The area of trash was out of sight of his house and the road. We filled his pickup when we cleaned up, and the area was clean before winter. This had happened over several years and the club was warned repeatedly as well as signs were posted. He even supplied trash barrels but they were hardly used and instead beer cans and other assorted trash was buried in the snow. He raises dogs and got sick of the predatory animals that were being attracted to the trash that was left behind. Since closing the trail he has not had a problem with animals. Seeing all of this I agree with his decision, even though it was a select few that ruined it for everyone else.
Here at the Village Kitchen we have hundreds of snowmobilers passing through our property weekly on the way to the Red Hill trail. Many stop and congregate in the lower field before going up and many stop in the back yard
and come in to eat. I have never encountered any significant trash in the spring and

they have always been respectful around our two leach fields.
I would urge landowners to try to be understanding of the occasional kid (or adult)that gets out of line because they do not represent the majority and I'm pretty sure that if a club member or local rider saw them acting up that they would have have some pretty harsh words for them
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