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Default ..... surface water temp - 32

Since i finally got my dock out last week, just in time before the first snowstorm; this morning, I used a long handled garden tool to position my incredibly accurate $2.49 Intex JPAO4 water thermometer along the shoreline, about 200-yds from FL-3 ........ and ......drum roll here ......the water temp after being submerged for five minutes was exactly 32-degrees.

Weather; bright sunshine with winds about 10-mph

All the water, all around here, is all open water, but it seems like that may change very soon because there's all sorts of small ice floating about, small padiddles, and shoreline icy build-up.

Just up the road, at the Cattle Landing town dock, there's lots of solid ice all across to Bear Island, and it looks like it has attracted a number of smaller, young black crows who have never seen or walked on ice before. So, what did one crow say to the other crow? So, what is this stuff called "ice"..... I dunno .....but where can I find a dead chipmunk out here on this "ice"and who cares about this new hard water if there's no food out here?

Did you know that a crow has more intelligence than some voters! At least they know enough to get the heck over to the other side of the white line while working a road-kill, large grey squirrel for lunch.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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