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Originally Posted by RTTOOL View Post
ok people say its land owner rights where is the rights of the people that buy all these products to use. with more and more land being closed and passing the blame to the user is not the anwser.
Wow!...So you think the right of the toy purchaser supersedes the rights of the landowner...?? Because I have it I have the right to use it wherever I want??

More and more land is being closed because of idiots who leave their trash buried in the snow, drink excessively and cause problems on the trails, ride off the trails or change their stock exhaust to some kind of "can" that adds absolute ZERO performance gains, too bad if it's loud and annoys landowners, I like it and I want it on my sled! Very selfish and disrespectful way to think if you ask me.

We have to police our own or more and more trails will be closed it's that simple! The local clubs have turned into mediators for us constantly putting out fires that we have created and they can't do it all!

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