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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
Unfortunately Shreddy, some riders think that because they paid their registration fee they should be able to ride any way they want and make as much noise as they want on the trails. Until these people realize that riding trails on private land is a privilege and not a right and start respecting the property they ride on, we will continue to see more trail closures. Unfortunate but true...

Yep - I don't disagree. I rode with a can when I was very young. Loved the sound of it. Honestly, loved getting into bed at night still being able to hear sleds down at the lake. I will say, you don't hear that anymore (which is probably a positive to most). Times have changed, and it's not only the noise but just the way people ride and where they ride. It's tough nowadays for whatever reason. Everyone can find a reason to be upset and it seems that unless someone's home/land is owned by a fellow snowmobiler then we'll find ourselves in binds going forward.
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