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Originally Posted by RTTOOL View Post
all this going on just means have to ride north and find a club up there.. its just stupid to fight with these land owner when they are just closed minded......
This right here is the reason so many land owners are closing their property. It is not the land owners that are closed minded, it is the few (IMO) that feel that the land they are riding on is theirs to ride on "no matter what"

Those signs that are posted that say "STAY ON TRAIL" mean exactly that... STAY ON THE DAMN TRAIL!

Land owners will typically open just a portion of THEIR land for use by snowmobilers. Not their entire property/fields. This land... say, across the outside border of a hay field, may not be usable to them the following year. It may be so matted down that hay or corn will not grow the way it did the prior years. These land owners made that sacrifice for snowmobilers. So when jerks decide they like the look of that fresh, untouched powder and decide to fly across it for a one time joy ride.... yeah.... stay home jerk!
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