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Supposedly, one can survive for up to 90-minutes in 34-degree water, deep over their head, as long as you have a pfd or flotation like a home made foam noodle belt to keep their head above water and remain relatively not-in-a-panic. You know .... just chill in place, while you float in the icy cold water and gather up your strength to ice pick your way up onto safety, and be happy you actually have a loud whistle with you to use.

I've also read that in the first ten minutes, your hands and arms start to freeze up, and you lose your ability to use your hands effectively.

Supposedly, the key to surviving icy cold water is to not panic and to maintain a positive attitude ........ like, if you think you can do it ..... then you can survive.

Wasn't there a song all about this named 'I will survive!' by Diana Ross?
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