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Default I think this is reslly cool..

Originally Posted by goutes23 View Post
I bought my DJI Mavic Pro in September and I can’t tell you how much fun it has been to fly. It’s so easy as well. If you go with a toy brand you will crash it. My friend bought a $125 toy drone for her 11yo son and he immediately,”Lost it”. I figured he crashed it and couldn’t bear to tell his Mom. If you’re gonna buy one, go with a higher quality one with a lot of safe features (gps, return to Home on low battery etc). Buying used is a great idea to save money. Also a lot of good advice about apps on where to fly, checking in with control towers, fly under 400’ etc and I totally agree with what has been said previously. Fly responsibly and you’ll be fine and have a lot of fun.

The following is a picture of teachers and kids at North School in Londonderry making a “50” in honor of the school’s 50 year anniversary. The principal called me up and asked me if I would do it so of course I did. I also saw on my app I was just outside of the 5 mile limit of Manchester Airport but I called the tower anyway and informed them I’d be flying under 200’ for 15 min and they were very appreciative and approved it. Have fun!Attachment 13458
Modern day memories for young people. I hope each kid frames a copy.
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