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I have noticed an unfair perception of Drone owners. People are attracted to them and ask a lot of questions about them and then insult you with a comment like you must fly over skylights and take pictures. Other than that a lot of fun even if you don`t use photography option.
Best places to fly is over open fields,water away from trees and power lines.
The options that come with them are amazing. Return home feature if your battery gets low or you fly out of range,lose signal or just lose sight of it. Also has a follow me option if your out on the boat and you want to film your boat trip,water skiing etc.
There are toys that wont last or don`t have those features
An older model can be had for $300 and is all you would want for a beginner
Biggest restrictions are flying within 5 Miles of an airport,flying over stadiums etc
You must register your drone which is also like a license to fly.
I`m sure the boo birds will come out in force so "Ignore the noise" and have fun
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