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Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
I don't know about this year but in the past many speedway drivers flew in to Laconia. I'm not really a racing fan but several years ago someone told us it was fun to go to the Laconia Airport after a race and see the drivers arriving and watch the endless parade of fancy private jets taxiing by and taking off. If I remember right Jeff Gordon had 3 matching jets (Gulfstreams?) for his entourage. Most of the drivers were very friendly to the small crowd and stopped to sign autographs.
I am not much of a race fan myself, but about 10 years ago I lived in Loudon about 3 miles south of the track so I had to "live with" the craziness that was race week.

The helicopter traffic from the track to the Concord airport before and after the race was fun to watch. I wonder if people on the north end see the same?

I was also one of those crazies that would set up on the outer edge of my property and watch all the race traffic heading south down 106. Back then it was fun to watch all the tractor trailers from all the racers leaving the track.
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