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Default Rock bass won over Wolfeboro bay

Three years after I saw the switch in the species and made a post calling this out - we caught 54 rock bass in less than 45 min. Without pickerel and largemouth bass living in back bay in the milfoil and other natural weeds that provided excellent habitat for the the only predators for this invasive species - fishing for smallies perch or any decent sport fish is now finished. Drop in walleye or lakers when the water cools? These rock bass are like freshwater piranhas. The lake was all over a weed and dumped herbicide to kill it and all the other natural weeds in back bay - now thanks to that Winni is now A Rockbass lake. Who made the call for the milfoil eradication in ‘05/‘06 that now has led to an explosion of rockbass ? Did they factor in the impact to the lake’s ecosystem...anyway who has any ideas on eliminating rock bass...
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