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Somewhat NOT too similar ...... I have recently been watching a one person atv, normally with four large tires, except this particular atv has four individual treads or tracks somewhat similar to this SkiZee from Canada. It seems to serve its purpose maybe better than a snowmobile because it has tracks at all four corners with the rider in the middle, sitting on the single seat.

The Waterville Valley golf course tubing hill has what looks like a new atv with 4-tracks that is used for towing tubes with mostly young people on-board back up the very small, low, tubing slope. It could be a totally great tubing location except the slope is way too low and is way too short a run but none the less is a happening location and has a lot of tubers on Fri-Sat-Sun and snow-making and outdoor lights for night tubing. Is on the back side slope area of the 9-hole golf course. It has everything going for it except the tubing slope is way too short and the large black tubes say VOLVO on every tube, I think.

Anyway, this atv with four treads looks like an alternative to a snowmobile and it can be redone from winter snow treads to inflated knobby rubber atv tires. ...... How do atv tracks work? And how well do they perform? ....... by Haavard Krislok ...... no date
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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