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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
I don't know about 5G but 4G/LTE, all cell phones can access the towers regardless of carrier subscription. Not sure about 5G.

Not all cell phones can access all bandwidth of 4G/LTE. The older models may have trouble.

When 3G goes away, my section of Winnisquam will be without coverage unless I am on WIFI. 3G bandwidth can 'bend' around hills and obstacles while 4G/5G needs a direct line of sight. When Comcast provide coverage in my section, folks with newer phones picked up Comcast 4G/5G. I have an older (2013) HTC that works quite well for me. I have no intention of spending big bucks just to have cellular coverage.
I'm not sure what you consider "big bucks," but I buy my phones second hand on Swappa. The last one, a Samsung S8, cost me $200 and I used it for 3 years before passing it to my daughter. I could've sold it for ~$100. My new phone is an S21FE that I got new-but-open for $300 shipped.

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