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Default Need new housing.

Add me to growing mass of people who needs new housing. Doesn't have to be in the lakes region.
I'm male, very active, retired, non-smoker (apparently illegal in NH), no pets. I have ex+ references. My current landlady just told me she needs the house I'm now in, in Center Harbor, for her son. I've been there since 2014 with no problems, and need to vacate around June or sooner. Great timing!
In exchange for rent or partial rent, I can offer household services, handyman, honey-do, security, snow clearing, chauffeuring, errands, whatever. Or just a straight rental, within reason.
Can be long term, or month-month while I look for something more permanent. Hopefully the housing market will improve in the near future.
Please PM me and provide as many details as possible: type of rental - house, apartment building, basement, over/under other living quarters, over garage? Location, pics, etc. I can't tell you if I'm interested if I don't know what you're offering.
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