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Originally Posted by Overlake97 View Post
Another BBQ option appears on the verge of opening. The Lone Star BBQ, which operated last season out of a trailer on Route 3/11, about 1.5 miles east of the Tilton Exit, is apparently moving into the building that once housed Our Family Place or Family Tree (or something like that) breakfast/lunch restaurant (and then another short-lived business [Mariner's Cove??]). Their black Lone Star sign went up a couple days ago. Once they open, I think they would be the only truly table-service BBQ place in the area (meaning, more than just a few token tables for take-out customers). Next closest sit-down would be Yankee Smokehouse in West Ossipee.
Their BBQ is outstanding, and much better than some of the others in the area. Hope they can maintain their quality & consistency in this new location.
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