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Originally Posted by Outdoorsman View Post
First, let me thank you for your service in all aspects. I meant no disrespect. I was a volunteer for many years with my local club in VT.

Second, though I do not live near Moultonboro at this time, I am considering getting back in to snowmobiling in NH and would most definitely be volunteering for a local club.

So my question now.... I am seriously confused by the whole dynamics of registration in NH as it pertains to NHSA. Could anyone point me in the direction of the NHSA "Mission Statement"?
Thank you and I did not take it that way! Like I said, I agree that better riding is to be had north.

Here is their official purpose...

They may be doing a lot of "associating" but they certainly have little or nothing to do with "To create and maintain, mark and map, a system of public and private trails for the use of snowmobiles". Their member clubs do that along with NH BOT (bureau of trails).
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