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Arrow Now That Winnipesaukee's Shorelines are Less Muddy...

It does seem that 300' is a reasonable distance for wake-setters. In Winter Harbor, we can have 2 or 3 wake-setter boats at the same time, even during weekdays.

Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
Sorry, I have also read Dante's posts and find them to be positive. Every boat may have its place but a boat that mainly is made to create a big wake may not be welcomed
From a long viewpoint—and from decades of direct observation—I can say that wakes in general are getting crazier! Worse, the problem is building-up on itself.

Everyone is needing a boat "two feet longer", when pontoon boats are available—roomier, watersports-friendly, speedy, handle big waves well, and are less crowded within—and which are not an affront to Winnipesaukee's disappearing shorelines.

How did we manage for decades with a 14-foot runabout?

How did we manage for decades without breakwaters, mooring whips, and hydraulic boat lifts?

As usual, in shallow water, I'm holding onto my sailboat, walking it in to the dock. I glance up to see a delivery man yelling at me. I was yelling back, as crashing wakes made our discussion impossible. Using hand signals, I was able to direct the delivery items to a nearby sundeck.
We were 20-feet apart—and this was a Tuesday!

A photographic metaphor of the lake's wake problem:

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