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Originally Posted by DanteMartiniello View Post
Thank you for everyone that has sent back information, This past week in August has been hard, my family needed to fix the dock with a winch tied up to a Pine, Every time those wake-setters come in, it pulls out dock back out to the lake, we needed to fix our dock SEVRAL TIMES A DAY, when we got here at winni for the weekend, the dock was literally about to fall off the rocks, and our two boats would be floating down the Cove with the rest of our dock, we really need to put some laws aside to make these boats have a higher radius than 150ft, more like 300ft.

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Welp - here come the fun police once again. Once people start having a bunch of fun it has to get ruined. Just realize that the laws you're now going to impose are going to take the fun of wake surfing away from youths and adults and eventually put an end to "wakesetter" boats. They're wakeboard boats btw, wakesetter is a brand made by Malibu but all of them are geared for lakes.

I really hope someone counters whatever laws you're considering and puts forth a law that makes your dock more compliant to withstand a few wakes. You own waterfront on the lake, enjoy it. I'm sure you can afford to implement a more sturdy dock rather than try to ruin the fun for others.
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