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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
First, we had to deal with the noisy "drag boats". Outlawed. Remember years ago when "we" started petitioning to stop jet skis in many coves? Then jet skis got bigger and were boats and "we" passed NWZ's for coves, then large areas like Meredith Bay. Then we passed whole lake speed limits and noise restrictions. And look at the progression of NRZ and all the restrictions on anchoring that don't exist elsewhere.
Isn't it ironic that NH, Winni in particular, the LFOD state, has more rules than anybody except maybe Lake George?

In "your" cove is it neighbors who are boarding? Or boaters from elsewhere?
If you and maybe a couple of friends get in your canoes and go out in the cove and drop a fish line, you just created a 300' diameter NWZ. If it's outside boaters, they'll find another spot to make waves. If it's your neighbors, maybe you'll all get together and find a way to share the cove and minimize erosion. But please, no more new laws.
To my knowledge, the wave-setters are exclusively from OUTSIDE the cove. We see them all coming in. None are owned by people in the cove. And where is DES that regulates everything....but they do nothing about shoreline erosion from these boats?? Where is "Shore things" when she is needed ????
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