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Default Official 2018-2019 Ice-in Thread

This is the Official 2018-2019 Ice-in Thread. Please post your comments about this year's Ice-in here. The air temperatures are falling and a few coves are freezing so it is time to begin our annual discussion. ( A tad early!)

It is typically 33-35 degrees at the Weirs when the broads skims over. The Lake temperature reported by the Winnipesaukee Dataphone is 41 degrees. (12-23-2018) The unseasonable cold may start ice-in early. A year ago the lake temperature was nearly 46 degrees. We hope the lake level will go down considerably before the lake freezes. It has dropped a little over two inches in the last few days as the output at Lakeport increased.

The Ice-in page is live at If you have a webcam or know of one, please post the information in this thread and I will add it to the page. If you have a webcam that I have in the defunct section of the ice in page, please post here if it will be coming back at some point.

For those of us who are addicted to watching the lake freeze, enjoy. If you are new to the lake, come back often and watch the progress of Ice-in!

Please visit this thread for the latest news and the Ice-in page for current images of the freezing progress. (Please click on the ads at webcam sites and support the sponsors. This provides revenue to keep the cams alive)

As always Please post your pics of the freezing lake here.

See you on the ice!
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