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Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
Mine is an IPad2 as well. When I try to load a picture from the IPad to the Forum via the manage attachments, it is "greyed out" and is unusable. I've tried "sharing and edit" but that doesn't work either. I'm still a PC guy and this Apple stuff is very "greek" to me. To add to that I tried to upgrade to the IOS 6 yesterday and the IPad crashed and won't restore....ggrrrr

When in doubt, telephone Apple Support.

I have iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S w/o a problem.

For posting a picture here: to keep it simple, I emailed from iPhone to myself a small size, saved it to computer desktop, and then posted it.
The thing is, if one is at a stumbling block, there always seems to be a way to get over/around the issue....
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