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Default We shall agree to disagree

Originally Posted by winni for fun View Post
Coastal Laker, I disagree. The laws and rules established by the state for their waterways are designed with the intent to protect those people recreationally using said waterways. The marine patrol is designed to enforce those laws and rules, and by extension protect those using the lake.
I hear you, but laws and rules don't "do" anything, they are just words, so they don't protect anyone or anything. They are simply the means by which enforcement can react and hold us accountable after the fact. There's nothing pro-active there. To "protect" is a verb, an action that words cannot do. The marine patrol will not be standing on my boat or patrolling alongside "protecting" me from harm by others. How could they? They can only react after witnessing wrongdoing, or after an accident, complaint, or report. Just my $.02. Prevention and protection are two very different words - and you know how the courts are about nitpicking vocabulary.
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