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I've found over the years in general the more senior year round mpo's are fine. However the temp seasonal etc mpo's tend to have let's use the word issues. After there training, including boat training manuvers in Glendale I believe there judgements are not refined and lead to again issues with mp and boaters. I have been blue lighted in past years myself, one time I was approached at our camp dock by two mpo in one of the regular patrol boats. I just came back from a pwc ride and was off the machine and anchored when they came over wanting my reg etc. Driving was the senior officer and the one was a newbie doing all the talking and wanted me to get on the pwc and come out to them. Ya right! I said you came to the dock. So they did and then hit my pwc floating on the anchor. The newbie one wrote me a ticket for the 150 rule. The senior one just stood back and watched. I took there name, number, bow numbers and captains name. I asked where did they see me violate this from as I never saw them. It was over 800' away in glendale area from a parralel view. GOOD EYES! Anyway long story short and off the path, I filed a complaint with them. Took the newbie/mpo in official capacity to court and won.

Other than that I have had good results with MP as long as I interact with the full time personel. It's the weekend warriors with no concerns or the (me it's all me) attitude that wind me up. Oh, and as for the mass_____s lay off. I have found just as many issues with the locals as people from surrounding states.
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