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Originally Posted by wdlincolnjr View Post
comment for Joey I am sorry but you are wrong about the complainers renting their property that the Dive is almost directly in front of they are there almost everyday throughout the year.. although not permanent.The Dive is a major nuisance and unlike what they say their music is NOT ambient and it starts early in the morning and continues all day non stop especially on weekends when you would like to enjoy your property with friends but cant because of a huge billboard with noise overlooking you all day. Imagine paying huge taxes for waterfront property and being able to work from home and having to shut your windows because of for lack of a better word raucous behavior untilpast midnight I think not. The Dive does NOT belong in a residential area but where they claim they were going to be on the lake and hopefully they can see that they affect many people and can try to become good neighbors to all and correct their errors
I’m sorry I disagree and I also own in the area. As long at the Dive is not breaking any law regarding noise or the location of its mooring then it has every right to be at its location at the pier. You may not like it but as long as they are law abiding then there is not much you can do other than petition to the City.

Note the history of this location has always been entrainment drive way back to the dances and concerts held at the Winnipesaukee Gardens.

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