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Default ... car battery not charging?

2014 Toyota Corolla model-S, 6-speed manual with 69,500-miles in overall very good condition, except the battery does not stay charged up and it will NOT start.

Recently, have purchased a $99.94 Waimart Everstart Maxx Jump Starter: weighs about 30-lbs and gets charged up on 110v plug-in as a secondary way to power up the low battery and start the car. It DOES get the car started and have used it about 20 different times and I DEFINITELY do not drive the car without it.

Recently, have purchased a new Walmart Everstart Maxx-35N battery for $98.76, and it started the car GREAT for about one week but then it no longer will start it and the portable jump starter is needed.

Recently, have purchased a Walmart Schumacher 10-amp battery charger for $38.82 that plugs in to 110v, and charged up the battery in the car with an extension cord. Once charged like this, the car runs good for about one week.

For some unknown reason the battery is not being charged while the car is driven.

Plymouth NH is home to ..... ..... New World Auto ...... and ...... ...... all close to the Plymouth Library so I can go chill out while this UNKNOWN ELECTRIC CHARGING PROBLEM hopefully gets fixed, correctly, on the first expensive attempt to repair it.

So, what could be the problem here with this 2014 TOYOTA COROLLA battery not getting charged up ... .... that is taking ME straight to the poor house, driving a manual stick-shift. Isn't the Toyota Corolla supposed to be like the most bullet proof and reliable car ever made, or someting!
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!
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