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Default Half Moon

Final weekend for the Weirs being open, not sure when it really closes,
but I assume itís soon.

So annual trip to half moon pizza, as we hadnít gone yet this year.

Now I know why, $30 for four slices, wow.

Decent, not great, went into a warmer and came out a minute later. Meh.

Just an annual trip, will make it again next year, but hopefully Sals takes them out.

Kinda like the shooting gallery at the half moon arcade, where the same targets
havent worked in 30 years, but it stays open. Nostalgia brings us there, but I
am really not sure why as itís just a few people milking the past.

Time for new blood already, raze it all.

This could be in many threads, I just picked this one, move it or quote it in another if u will. But after 40 years I am done with the weirs.
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