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Iím on Lockes, and the giant trees are several hemlocks, a black Cherry, 2 oaks, a maple, and a white pine. Thereís a bunch of smaller ones that are mostly pine.

Thanks everyone for helping me think it through. For the logs, I guess it makes sense to either split & keep, or if splitting isnít feasible, get them hauled. I read somewhere that wood wonít season well enough if itís not split- anyone know if thatís true? If the logs were split, I could then carry them somewhere to store and have a lifetime firewood supply. And for my descendants! I wasnít really thinking about them, I donít know if Iíll have anyÖ but Iíll be optimistic!

I can handle a chain saw for a short time, and that log jack looks like it would solve the problem of getting the log into position to cut. And I can check out the drill splitter, which looks promising. But even with a chainsaw or drill splitter and log jack, it still would be a big stretch for me physically. I could do a corner of a pile that way, and at least clear the route from my dock, which would be a huge improvement. But thereís just so much, I donít think I could split it in my lifetime, if I gave it all Iíve got. So, does anyone know where I could look for someone who I could hire to split it for me? I guess that would be ideal.

Otherwise, I can call around to barge companies to see if anyone can haul it. I knew they could transport, but hadnít considered they might load and dispose.

For the brush, you just waded in with a chain saw? Iím not sure I could do that, the big pile is over 10í tall. Unfortunately it occupies the biggest clearing and the obvious place to burn. But there is a clearing at the back of the property too that I could use. So I could drag branches there in batches. Some of the ďbrushĒ is 4-6Ē limbs and the pile will be difficult to dismantle. I couldíve done it 20 years ago, but now it would be tough. Maybe Iíll try attacking one of the smaller piles with the chainsaw first. Though, if I could hire someone to split the wood, maybe they could carve up my brush piles, too. Or I could just have those hauled.

The whole thing makes me glad I live in the modern age and donít have to split wood to survive! Thanks for your help everyone

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