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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
Years ago I would often ride my motorcycle up Route 127 to Gloucester, MA and sit by the side of the Annisquam River bridge. In a couple of hours sitting there you could see many people back off the throttle when their boat started to move around in the current. A lot of them ended bouncing off the wall as they went through. Sometimes you can learn a lot, just by watching.
I pass under that bridge often and IMO, the current and eddies there are not as dangerous as the Hampton bridge, but I may have never experienced it at its worst. There's an railroad bridge .6 miles north of there that's more dangerous, in general, because it has a sharp turn on one side, so you enter it blindly if headed south. I have had to back up and turn in a swirling current there and it was really sketchy. That said, the trip down the Annisquam River and Blynman canal is pretty cool and I highly recommend it. It's busy like the Weirs Channel, but it's 4 miles long, a little wider in most places, and people anchor on the sides. There are also lots of lovely homes on the banks.
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