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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
The real issue here is there should be an exception to the Weirs Channel.....

Some boats can go thru there at 2MPH, while others need 3-4MPH minimum to safely maintain steerage. Throw in a spring current and a wind coupled with inexperienced rental boats and it turns into a clusterF real quickly.

IMHO, a 5 mph speed limit in the channel could alleviate all of the backup and aggravation. Just set up one of those speed limit signs with a radar attached!

Agreed, but the objective part is precisely what was removed from the old law; seems crazy. "6 MPH or blah blah, steerage, blah blah", was a great law since no boat produces a damaging wake at 6 MPH and these days GPS is so ubiquitous, there's no excuse for not knowing one's speed. I used to set my speed at exactly 6 MPH GPS in long NWZs and never had an issue with Marine Patrol. Guessing that won't work on Winnipesaukee now.
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