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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
I think that the laws/rules on the lake, for the most part, make it better and safer for all of us. There have been may things enacted such as some of the newer no wake areas and other laws that I feel are overbearing and unnecessary.

Having had property on the Weirs Channel it has become obvious over many years that Lake Winnipesaukee's no wake speed and the no wake speed in many other areas of the country are interpreted and enforced differently. I have seen many boats from other states go through the Channel at speeds that I am sure they thought would be acceptable but on the lake they are not. The "no wake" speed they are used to in their "home" boating area is quite different than what is expected on the lake.

Yesterday, while boating in Florida at about 20 MPH, there was a boat parallel to me, going in the same direction, about 50 feet away passing at a slightly greater speed. If you are used to the 150 foot rule it is slightly discomforting when a boat is that close. The surprise was when another boat in the 30 foot range heading in the same direction going about 40 MPH passed between us. When this happens, and it happens too often, I want to ask the other boater if they give any thought to the spray and their wake when they do something like that. I don't think they have any idea or even give that a thought.

So, it makes one appreciate the rules on Winnipesaukee. I think we are all better off because of them. (Well, most of them)
Well stated!

I think we all enjoy a good blast across the water but it should not come at the cost of others sense of safety or actual safety.

There is plenty of water out there to enjoy, no need to crowd anyone else and blow by another boat close enough to cause an intimidate impact.
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