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Originally Posted by Marine Patrol View Post
XCR-700- I completely agree with your assessment. Certainly different boats will require different speeds. Jet pumps absolutely need thrust to have steerage.


BTW, Many Thanks for all you folks do, I see MP staff all over the lake and it brings comfort to know we are always close to land and we often see MP on the look out for problems. Though I have been fortunate enough to have never had a major safety event on Winnipesaukee, I have a great sense of comfort knowing that with a life jacket or other flotation device, you can get to land easily, and with a call of the radio NH MP are always close by. For a low risk day boater, these two factors have made Winnipesaukee always feel like a safe place to enjoy boating. Nothing is risk free, but we do have it pretty good on Winnipesaukee.
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