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Originally Posted by bbatch View Post
I've noticed the significant decline in crawfish as well. What do you think is the reason?

As some of the responders have, already, mentioned, I think that the "rock bass" explosion has contributed. It is known that they forage on new-born crayfish, newts, and other invertebrates. They have, unusually, large mouths, for their size, and can swallow even larger lake dwellers. They are awful "bait-stealers". When using crayfish or helgramites, it's costly when you lose a bait that cost you $ 1.00 ea.
No question, the pollution in the lake is awful. Horizontal visibility, underwater, used to be near 30-40' back 40-50 years ago. Today, you're lucky to be able to see 10' in front of you. In case you didn't know, the various beaches around the lake (including the Weirs, Gilford, etc) have been closed for the past several years due to coliform bacteria. Phytoplankton, also, adds to the poor water quality. Also, last year there were no lifeguards at any of the beaches. The kids that usually oversee the beaches don't even apply anymore, and they are offered $18/hr plus Free "life-saving" courses. Daily exposure at the beaches was causing them to break out with sores.
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