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Originally Posted by ITD View Post
No, I didn't look back that far, but Clinton wasn't too bad after he lost congress and was hamstrung.

I'm more interested in the last 10 or so years and that pronounced spike at the end. Hopefully the US producers are able to overcome the pressure to annihilate them and keep us from $4 - $5 or worse gas and heating oil. Time will tell.

I'm done now, if you want to respond more, go back and read my posts on this again for your answer. Take care.
I know--I was only teasing you on Clinton to illustrate that it's kind of silly to look at the gas price chart and make a political case.

Back to the point of the thread--a huge number of prices are askew due to COVID disruptions--beef, real estate, gasoline, interest rates, stock market. All of these have been unusually disrupted, so it's very difficult to assert a real trend.
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