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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Market Basket, Plymouth NH via Rt 175 through Holderness and Ashland is worth a visit. Just watch out for the Holderness cops staked out along that 30-mph stretch of Rt 25 running along Little Squam Lake from the Holderness Fire/PD building to the right turn onto Rt 175. Go 40-mph or faster in this 30-mph zone and you will get a speeding violation from the Holderness Police.

Google "Market Basket, Plymouth NH" and look at the inside photos for this store.

In addition to everything else, which is one heck of a lot of choices, the M.B. in Plymouth also has 2" x 56" high quality foam swim noodles for $1.99.
I'm with you on MB Plymouth Less, I go to the meat case in the back, just bought some Prime Angus strip steak for $16.99 a pound. It is so good that most restaurant steaks disappoint me now, except for Canoe that is. Good stuff.
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