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Default Wine'ing Butcher "Sticker Shock"

We have always been big fans of Wine'ing Butcher and have always been willing to pay the extra $ for their meats, as they are definitely better quality than the supermarkets.

Today I popped in to get some NY Sirloins for the fam for tonight's Father's Day dinner. The price card for the Sirloins read, "$24.99/ib". I thought, "gee, that must be mis-labeled...they're usually somewhere in the mid-teens per pound...that must be the price for the Prime Sirloins". Then I looked at the Prime Sirloin price and that was $29.99/lb. Then I looked at the steak tips, and they were all $19.99/lb. What the hell? Are they price-gouging for Bike Week or something? It was $85 for 3 steaks!

I then noticed on the top of the meat case a sign they had put up that was entitled, "Sticker Shock", and it explained that they have had to raise their prices due to national labor shortages, increases in transportation costs, meat-plants being understaffed, etc, etc

I want them to make money so they can stay in business, but a 40% or so price increase all at once is huge. I'm not sure I can justify spending that kind of dough for meats unless it is a special occasion.
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