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Originally Posted by NH.Solar View Post
Ryan Tractor at exit 20 is now MB Tractor and nothing like the original. Luckily though George Ryan is still selling tractors and equipment and has opened a new dealership just outside of Concord on Route 4. As before he specializes in small compacts and I would recommend his company as the first place to visit for anyone looking for a 4wd diesel.
Thinkxingu, I'd recommend that you visit another Concord dealership as your first stop, Greenlands Equipment. Greenlands is now located lass than a half a mile off I-93 on Manchester Street (exit 13). For the residential user they sell primarily Simplicity and Snapper. The Broadmoor series tractor has both rear suspension and a limited slip differential and will pull very impressive loads. Also, the company has been continuously in business since 1937 and when you eventually walk in with a service need or question you'll get an immediate knowledgeable answer. Because of their expertise they would also a good be a good place to consider having the Craftsman serviced but it might prove to be more costly than the machine is worth as box store machines are mostly designed to be tossed rather than serviced ...a sad statement on our wasteful society. If all it needs is a belt and new blades than the Craftsman is likely worth fixing and running into the ground, but if it needs more than that you might want to consider trading it in.
Excellent information for all.
Thank you.

Some folks have a knack about keeping old equipment going.
Others do not.

Sears never made anything. Sears would contract out to various suppliers for machinery that Sears sold. The supplier could change year to year and model to model. Sometimes real good. Sometimes junk.

At a certain age and certain condition - it might be better to bite the bullet and purchase new. No harm in getting it checked out at a qualified shop located as stated above.
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