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I obviously meant the current owner no ill will and I wish him nothing but the best as he moves on from his home. And if someone pays him 4 million dollars for his home more power to him. At the end of the day he owns the place and I'm commenting on a message board in the middle of the work day to avoid the stacks of work on my desk.

However, I do agree with others that I think this reflects poorly on the realtor. If we assume a split of the 5% commission between the buying and selling realtors, and then also assume that the realtor splits half of the commission with their broker as I know many do: 5% of 4 million is 200,000, half of that is 100,000 and half of that is 50,000. So we're looking a possible 50k dollar payday for the realtor and they didn't put the effort in to tidying up the place a little. Sweeping, raking, and stacking chairs doesn't cost any money.

And LIforrelaxing, while you might argue that staging is pointless because rich people will spend money anyhow, I don't think you turn anyone off by having the place look well kempt. In other words, no one looks at a clean porch on the listing and says "Nope, not for me, I don't see pine needles all over the place and how dare they neatly arrange their chairs around the fire pit." Yet, posting it the way they did turned me and at least a few others off.

Also, how far does the "rich people are gonna spend money anyways" theory go? If you bought a new Bentley Continental GT should you expect the car to be clean when you pick it up at the dealer? Or is it assumed since you have the money to buy the Bentley you have the money to take it through the car wash too?
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