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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
Are you fricken kidding me? You would let those things get in your way of considering a property?

The entire process of "staging" a property is over rated. Because if it is staged in a different way then a potential buyer would want to see it, it can actually work against you....

What if the owner prefers not to use a bed frame some people don't.... Just because you think they are necessary doesn't mean they are....

So a couple of Adirondack chairs are blown over.... what if the person looking at the photos doesn't even like Adirondack chairs....

Perception is important don't get me wrong. But the things mentioned here are frivolous... If I was able to afford to look at property for 4M$.... I am likely also planning to come in and spend an additional 500K - 1M$ to make updates to the property to make it mine...

Last if I was buying a 4M$ piece of property, I would also be investing some money, in a thorough inspection of the home including heating and hot water systems as well as the structure itself to insure I knew what I was buying.

In the end the pictures are fine... only nit picky people would be offended by them.
Likewise folks spending $4million could care less if it needs a new furnace.

I waived inspections to make my offers look stronger on several properties.

Inspections are mostly an escape clause or a plan to re-negotiate price and generally weaken your offer. You either really want the property or you don’t. You really gonna reject a $4m home over a leaky water heater? Or renegotiate for a $1000 off, when they have 2 cash backup offers waiting in wings? I don’t think so.

One place I made an offer on with no contingencies and site unseen.

That’s what you need to do in today’s market.

If you hesitate or put down any more contingencies than someone else, you’re out.
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