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Originally Posted by TFP View Post
Admittedly I might be a bit of a stickler for details but I canít imagine paying 4 million dollars for a property when the owner, realtor, or stager couldnít be bothered to tidy up for the pictures.

The first picture shows plastic Adirondack chairs thrown about.

The front and back exterior pictures of the home show lawns that were not raked and steps and decks that were not swept.

And then one of the bedrooms has the mattress just sitting on a box spring on the floor.

If I was trying to sell something for that much money Iíd want to prospective buyers to think I care more than those pictures show. The person who canít be bothered to buy a $79 dollar bed frame is not the person I would trust to have properly maintained the ď4 million dollarĒ home Iím purchasing.

And (possibly even more importantly) if I was a realtor standing to make a sizable commission on the sale of a place like this, Iíd want to present a much better image.
Great points - all of them. Even though those things didn't fully sink in when I opened the thread, I think your observations are a big part of why I shook my head in puzzlement over this listing. Also note the roof which is covered in pine needles. Blowing that off would have taken all of 30 minutes. The messy beach when looking out toward the water could have been cleaned up too. Look at comparatively priced listings and they are clean - if not pristine. Now of course, that may not be the everyday reality but staging the listing is an important part of selling it.
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