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Default Pop’s Clam Shell

In Alton Bay after fishing this morning and my wife said “how about trying that clam place up the road?”
I said sure!
Not ever having tried Pop’s I was confident that his product would not disappoint and it didn’t.
I had berated Pop’s in the past (on the forum) for someone complaining about them running out of clams and I maintain that a specialty business should never run out of their specialty.
All that aside, here I was first in line as Pop’s workers took the plywood boards from the service windows at 11:30 am.
We ordered a large (clam/fries) boat and a small “famous” onion rings...2 root beer floats and a cup of water for the pooch.
My ticket was #01 and I was fairly certain they weren’t out of clams yet.
Food came out and I asked if we could take the pooch into the separate “dining hall” and after checking with someone else the girl said “sure” which made us very happy!
My mouth was wartering as I walked to the dining area with the loaded tray of goodies. Everything was perfect! Succulent fried clams that compared favorably with any of the other famous clam shacks in NH and MA.
We will return. All was well in the world of 2 fried clam lovers and a happy dog!
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