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Originally Posted by IrishEyes View Post
Well, I don't know where you searched for gluten free pasta, but I buy it all the time and it's under $4/lb. - $3.59/lb - it's the same price in Hannaford and little less at Market Basket.

If a restaurant has gluten free on their menu, preparing it for guests should not be an issue as they only offered one kind and I wasn't the only one in my party having it. And yes, having worked in some of the finer restaurants in the Lakes region, I'm very well aware of how a kitchen works.

Waiting over an hour for food is not acceptable. If they had warned us the wait would be this long, we would have gone elsewhere. So, I'm sure that's why they didn't mention the wait. Cram in as many patrons as you can to capitalize on it regardless of the dining experience to the customer. They're busy now because of vacationers. Unfortunately for them, we are all locals. How we are treated in the busy season will determine if we bother to frequent their establishments in the off season when they really need our business.

When they told us to go park at O's we should have stayed and had dinner there!
As a local, I would presume that you would give way to the tourists knowing the timing.
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