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Originally Posted by IrishEyes View Post
I agree with everything you said about the vacation resort prices and service on weekends. People that move here from urban areas (myself included) are surprised by the prices and expect them to be lower since you can dine in Boston for less!
Fratello's problem is easy to fix - eliminate 1/3 of the tables and accept reservations so you will know what to expect for guests on any given evening. Oh and putting tables in your parking lot and then asking guests to go park at O's is not acceptable! If I have to go park at another restaurant, I will be dining there! They were not lacking for wait staff; they just couldn't handle the volume of diners. Sorry for the rant!
Its not the world we grew up in, businesses have little concern for these problems or their impact on their business.

And way too many staff are resentful for even having to do this kind of work, as if everyone wants to live fake pretend wealthy lives like the internet influencers. If Washington wants to accomplishing something meaningful, it would be to rid us of influencers.

Just a bunch of kids who dont actually know very much, but who have an over inflated sense of self-importance and are desperate to gain celebrity-like status but based on NOTHING!

Hows that for a rant ;-)

Apologies to anyone here with a child who aspires to be an influencer, NOT!

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