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Originally Posted by IrishEyes View Post
First, I just want to say that I understand the issues restaurants are having with staffing, etc. and usually will not post negative comments. However, Iíve worked in that industry, so I tend to be a little more critical when it comes to service and food quality.
A group of 8 went to Fratelloís on Saturday evening at 5:45pm. Called earlier to make a reservation but they do not accept reservations even for large groups. We waited almost 40 minutes for a table. Once seated and ordered, it took over an hour to receive our food. I had the eggplant appetizer, which used to be very good, but on Saturday it was dry and overcooked with very little marinara sauce underneath the eggplant, none on top. I ordered a side of gluten free pasta to go with it Ė and was charged $10! Are you kidding me? I could purchase 3-4 lbs. of GF pasta for that price. I donít mind paying for good service and quality food, but dislike price gauging especially after waiting over an hour for the food. We told our server we were going to the Opera House at 8pm and needed to be served soon or we would cancel. No attempt to placate us when we asked about the wait; just got an attitude from the server that she was doing all she could and then avoided coming by our table. The food finally arrived at 7:35 and we asked for our checks at the same time!
Overall, very disappointing meal, service and wait time. Their seating capacity (they now have tables in their parking lot, upstairs outside patio, etc.) is far more than their small kitchen can handle so hence the hour+ wait for food. If their attempt is to make more money by having more tables, they will end up losing more business with bad service and wait times. Wonít be going back anytime soon.
I cant speak to you specific situation, but I have learned the hard way that food service on Friday and Saturday nights almost anywhere in the lakes region and during peek vacation season is not a good choice.

Sorry but anywhere that is even just decent is overcrowded, staff are over worked, customers have unrealistic expectations, customers want to pay reasonable home based prices in a vacation setting, and yes food quality varies and too often is under-par for that same place on a Thursday or some other day.

If you do not want to pay Vacation Resort prices, wait longer than normal periods of time, and if you have ANY expectation for food quality, cook at home, or risk disappointment.

Sorry, thats just they way it has been for the last 20 years now. I do not come up to Winnipesaukee for day trips on Saturdays any more! And if I were renting for a week of more, I would NOT attempt to go out during prime vacation season on a Saturday, its not going to end well. Might not be a disaster, but just not a good choice. Any weekday will be better.

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