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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
I connected the trailer to the hitch and re-tested, but didn't correct my issues, but then you explained that above.

To review...
- All truck tail lights and Directional lights, License plate lights are working.
- Trailer Directional lights are working.
- Cleaned terminal pins on truck side. Clean all terminal pins on trailer harness.
- Checked ground (white wire) on trailer, all look good, clean tight and no rust.
- Truck to trailer connections are all clean and fitting well/snugly !

Going to purchase trailer/light tester at Harbor Freight, it's cheap and I need one anyway. At least testing in this manner, I can eliminate the truck connections.

Will now begin to look at ALL trailer wiring for issues.

Bought trailer/light tester at Harbor Freight, and tested Truck plug terminals.
Left and right taillights working fine, lights on tester lit up.
The Running lights terminal tested bad, at least the light tester did not light up!

So now I'm thinking it may be a truck fuse, more to trouble-shoot !

Feedback appreciated.
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