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Arrow ....... Mr kayak storage expert here!!!

Here's what to do …… for about $7.50 get the large spray bottle of ArmorAll original ….. and rub it on with a big sponge on a warm, dry day, or whenever.

Store the kayaks flat upside facing down, so no rain/snow can collect inside. Be careful where you position the supports under the kayaks, and foam noodles can do a good job of padding the supports, or cushioning under the kayak hull.

ArmorAll original protects from exposure to the sun, rain, and snow, and feeds the kayak material.

Is best to remove snow and not let the snow pile up on the kayak, all winter long.

Is definitely ok to leave kayaks out doors all winter when you do the above without covering them, but is also better to store in a more shady area. I don't use covers because it complicates the rain and snow drainage/removal.
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