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Default Mice are everywhere

Could be the same situation as the gray squirrels - plenty of food and good conditions for reproducing?

One of our two indoor cats is an outstanding mouser. Earlier this summer he was leaving us a gift or two every other day. One morning we found three full bodies and two heads left for us. Needless to say we thank him and ask him to keep it up. Haven't seen a carcass in aa few weeks but with the cooler weather I am sure we will soon enough. Need to find where they are entering the basement and seal it up.

My husband keeps his Harley in a shelter near the house and one day in June as he started the engine he saw a few scatter from under the bike. As he drove away a few more ran for their lives. He has since kept mouse traps in the shelter and just yesterday found three. Altogether he has nailed upwards of 20 or so this summer.

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