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Default Plan B

I spent some time today researching snowblowers. I didn't realize that some Toro single-stage machines can handle quite a bit of snow. I'm looking at the Toro Power Clear 518 ZR:

You'll probably say it's too small for a 20' x 60' driveway and New Hampshire snow, but I here's what I'm thinking:
  1. It has very good reviews.
  2. It weighs 54 lbs, which I can handle in the driveway, compared to a 2-stage machine.
  3. If it snows more than 7" I can clear the driveway more than once during a storm. A 15" storm could be done in two passes.

The next size up, the Toro Power Clear 721, is a more effective machine but it weighs 84 lbs.

My concern about a two-stage machine is not just the weight while using it, but the impossibility of getting it home and taking it anywhere for service since I have a compact hatchback.

Your thoughts?

And a question: I need some paths around my house (like to the electric meter and oil fill pipe). Would this machine tear up the lawn?
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