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Originally Posted by Justenuff View Post
As Usual New Englanders are behind the times. I marvel at how easy it is to pay tolls using the transponder systems when I travel south. In NY, NJ, DE, MD and even VA, the roads have been redesigned around the booths to allow for high speed transponder lanes. You don't even slow down.
Special lanes keep you moving and they really nail the toll avoiders as well. I have seen many marked patrols with cars on the side of the road before the merge back to the travel lanes.
The high speed system is definitely needed at Hampton and Hookset, as well as up in Maine. Massachusetts, not so much outside of the 128 belt as the exits are isolated from the traffic lanes.
If you have to pay tolls, you should not be inconvenienced if you are using the transponder.
I agree to a point:

The Mass Turnpike actually is not behind the times as you say. They have two lanes in Brighton with no booth just an overhead sign. These lanes are the furthest over to the right. I would love to see NH adopt that policy. I'm shocked to see MA do something right and NH do it wrong.
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