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Count me among those that fail to understand the genius in the current EZPass implementation. Oh, how I don't miss seeing cars perpendicular to the flow of traffic trying to negotiate their entry into the EZPass Only lanes from a "combo" lane. (So glad I gave up that commute...).

EZPass is still relatively new. High Speed EZPass -- who knows if that will ever see the light of day. But the real crime is the lack of incentive to get people to adopt electronic toll collection.

I believe the stats are something like 9 cents on the dollar to collect a toll electronically vs. manually. But then you add the State and Unions into the mix and you get a legislative body trying to keep manual jobs around, charging for transponders and creating a barrier to adoption of the very technology, that if adopted, would be paying for itself over and over again. The result: We still have the backups, congestion, accidents and pollution associated with the long delays in Hampton.

But at least EZPass costs more than tokens did.
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