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Default Silly EZ Pass policies

Because of a family obligation, we left the lake earlier than usual yesterday. As I feared, we hit the holiday traffic at the Hampton toll booth, with the backup before the booths stretching for miles.

I expected this given the holiday. I didn't expect the cause.

When we finally arrived at the toll booth, there was 1 (one, uno, un, eins) EZ Pass line open! All the signs leading up said to stay in the middle laneS for EZ Pass. Then you get there and it is one lane! Guess which lane had the longest line?

Yes, they had lanes on either side that were "Cash or EZ Pass". But I don't get this logic at all. The cash paying customers stop so those with EZ Pass must too. I've seen so many close accidents because of the uncertainty as to whether the car in front is going through or not. As I understand it, all lanes are "Cash or EZ Pass", so why the need for special ones designated as such? There must have been 12-15 cash lanes.

Then add in the confusion/congestion caused by those who realize they are in the wrong lane, and it becomes comical.

The use of EZ Pass helps everyone by getting more cars through in a shorter time, making the backups shorter for all. Whether you use EZ Pass or not, wouldn't it make more sense to have a few more lanes open, especially on a holiday weekend?

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